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When you contact our office, we will record a detailed history of your child's strengths and weaknesses. A selective one-to-one match is made and the teacher will meet you in the privacy of your home, or at a local library. Selective matches are set up on the basis of the subject area to be covered, grade level, strengths and weaknesses of the student, certifications and qualifications of the teacher, and the geographic location of the family.

Paperwork will be mailed to you reconfirming the information that was taken along with our background information, business card and procedures and information to follow in order to set up the tutoring. The paperwork must then be signed by you and returned in a self-addressed stamped envelope. Your signature is required to initiate tutoring. Tutoring is on a week-to-week basis and may be stopped at any time.

We will provide the teacher with supplemental books and supplies as needed. Fees are payable at the time of the session. An adult must be present at each session to sign our forms, make the payment and remain present in the home while the student is being tutored.

Group instruction can take place in a central location.

Before Islip Tutoring Service can work with your child, you are required to sign and return to us the "Tutoring Agreement".

Home Preparation for visit by the teacher

To assist in making home instruction a successful experience, here are a few guidelines to follow.

1. Prepare a quiet area for your child and the teacher.

2. Lighting should be adequate.

3. Supplies; such as, pens, pencils, paper, and books should be stationed in the designated work area.

4. A parent or adult 21 or over must be home during home instruction.

5. If an appointment has to be cancelled, please try and give 24 hours notice. This will enable the teacher to attempt to reschedule the appointment. If you cancel on the day of the appointment, the session cannot be rescheduled.

If a teacher comes to your home and no one is home, the teacher will wait 15 minutes, then leave. If your child is meeting the teacher in a public library and is more than 15 minutes late, the teacher will leave.

Tutoring a student

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