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School Districts

Islip Tutoring Service, Inc. provides comprehensive services for school districts in New York State. The following is a list of services that we can provide for your school district.

  • Home Teaching Services
    Resource Room
  • Student with Disabilities, Birth through Grade 6, Grade 7 through Grade 12
  • ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)
  • Reading
  • ESL
  • Certified Social Work Counseling Services
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Private Tutoring Remedial
  • Advanced Academic Enrichment
  • Testing of Students (Standardized/Diagnostic)
  • Coverage during Regent and final Exams
  • GED Prep
  • SAT Prep
  • CSE Reports and Participation

Services included for Contracted School Districts:

  • Close coordination between classroom teachers/district specialists/parents
  • Attend CSE meetings or teleconferences with written updated student reports
  • Detailed documentation/progress notes
  • Accurate record-keeping and timely reports
  • Flexible billing schedule depending upon the needs of the school district
  • Supplemental resources for teachers to use to ensure an enriching session
  • All information and records are confidential
  • Teacher-student match is one-to-one and tailer-made to meet the needs of the student
  • District is notified on a timely basis if a family is not complying
  • New York State Certified Teachers are employed
  • All teachers are in compliance with Project Save (fingerprinting)

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